Sunday, January 3, 2016

Beginning of the Year Update

  Not gonna lie, was like "Oh hey my blog, I should write something". Still working at the same job, it got a little worse a couple months ago, but now is considerably better, to the point that I see myself working here for a couple years at least. I would love to get a field tech position, but they are notoriously hard to get into, unless you know somebody. Had got into it a little with a buddy and haven't really talked to him since, just haven't seen a good reason to be friends when we constantly drag each other down and stir up crap. Oh well, I'm sure we'll get over it but I'm not gonna be 'that guy' again. Have got back into climbing with a vengeance, ha ha, got a membership and am there 2 or 3 times a week. You can't climb everyday and expect your hands to be healthy. I love climbing, it seems silly, but finishing that hard problem and advancing up the difficulty scale is very satisfying, and its the most fun way I can think of to work out. Also trying to force myself to do some yoga to strengthen my back, but its hard to get the motivation.

    The most important thing over the past 9 months is I have drawn much closer to God. I can't put into writing how humbling His mercy and grace are, and how much He means to me now. I've been a Christian in name since I was a kid, and I've had ups and downs in my relationship with my Creator, but I've never had the daily relationship I have now. Its amazing how I can pray to Him and be brought to tears by his presence. I am a follower of Christ my Savior, and though I am no where near perfect and screw up on a daily basis, but that doesn't stop me and I won't let myself feel ashamed, because I am redeemed!

   Lastly, I haven't yet met a woman, but I continuously and faithfully pray for the chance to meet a woman who could be a good wife. I believe that if that is God's will then it will come to pass in His time. May God richly bless you that are in His favor, and those that aren't I pray that you have the opportunity to draw close to Him and experience His glory, and the peace that comes with salvation.

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