Monday, July 16, 2012

Cooking and Other Reasons June Cleaver Was a Better Person Than You

In Solemn's post, What Makes a Good Girl  he mentions some of the Good Girl Traits that should be sought in a potential wife(and any LTR really). At the end,I mentioned two things. The first, true femininity, was a sorta cop-out. It encompasses a number of traits that a girl should have. It even includes my second recommendation: cooking.

First, I'm a good cook. I don't have any real trouble making anything. If I have the recipe, I can fix it. When I do cook, I want everyone out of my kitchen.

Second, the fact that I can cook does not mean that the new age churchian equal submission BS flies. I expect a girl to know her way around the counter top, modern gender roles be damned. There is something deeply and simply feminine  about a girl preparing a meal for her loved ones. Even though many of the top competitive chefs are men, there is a vitally important difference between them and a dinner table set for the husband and kids. I'm honestly not sure it can be put into words, just that it is a primal feeling of 'rightness' if you will. Unfortunately, thanks to feminist memes, the notion of a wife doing the cooking has come to be seen as 'chaining her to the stove.' Because it is awful when a woman isn't "free" to fight traffic morning and evening, send her flesh and blood to mind and soul crushing prisons of PC thought we call public school, and work at a job that the world would probably be better off without.

Now, along with the wifely duty of providing loving nourishment, there was once, when the world made sense, the idea of a women staying home to take care of the house. Look back far enough and she would have had a pretty strong role in the education of her children. That, at least, has seen a resurgence with home schooling becoming popular in the last two decades.  In any case, thanks to a surplus in labor (thanks again feminism)  women are less free to choose to be a Stay at Home Mother. Yet, it is still a possibility. And if you intend to take a wife* it should be a major goal. As I give it some thought, general home-keeping is a pretty massive GGT and a very desirable  feminine virtue. In a traditional family(Father, Mother, and kids) The mother tends towards, well, motherly behaviour. Sort of the good cop to Dad's bad cop. She's there to make it better. Whether it is cuts and bruises, a sympathetic ear and shoulder or just a crap day that gets junior down.

How exactly is a woman going to do any of this if she is off empowering herself  so she can pay other people to take care of her kids and husband.

*Don't say 'get married' say 'take a wife'. It just sounds better.

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