Saturday, July 14, 2012

What Makes A Good Girl?

There has been a question on my mind ever since I started reading manosphere blogs, how do I tell if a girl is a good girl? This is not an easy question. It is well-known what qualifies a girl for slut or whore status, but what distinct qualities makes a girl a good woman for a Christian man?

First off would obviously be innocence, the Bible repeats many times that sex is to be reserved for marriage. There’s a deeper part of this though, how do you know if she’s being truthful about being a virgin? That picks up on another GGT (Good  Girl Trait, I’m lazy), truthfulness. This trait is something that needs to be systematically tested, you have to ask her things that you know the answer to, which may require some digging to find out. Truthfulness relies on another trait, the decision to not deflect responsibility. This is important because it decides her ability to rationalize. Choosing not to shift blame, she is much less likely to be a complete psycho.

Rationalization is probably the most talked about subject in the manosphere. It is given life with the term ‘rationalization hamster’, and is generally thought to be a source of constant strife between men and women. Without rationalization women would be forced to use logic in their day-to-day lives, making them less mysterious to the average male and much easier to deal with. BUT, they would then be like men, men were given logic by God for a reason and the same goes for rationalization for women. Rationalization is alright in moderation, it allows women to see themselves in a different situation and when backed up  a healthy dose of male logic it can to something good previously unseen. I like to use Athol’s example here, the captain and first officer is the best situation for this rationalization/logic tag-team, the woman can bring up a fresh idea and if it seems viable the man can implement it, if it doesn’t then its the man’s duty to shoot it down.

The next GGT is a sense of shame, its important for a girl to be ashamed of certain things, it keeps her from being a slut for one. Shame also keeps a woman from talking bad about people and especially her man behind their backs, it also helps to keep her tied to her man, a good girl would be very ashamed of doing anything that would cause her man to be righteously angry with her.
This GGT is more for men currently seeking a wife, naiveté. One could argue that a naive girl is more likely to get herself in trouble, but that’s a more general form than what I’m writing about. I’m thinking more of a naiveté towards the physical, the worldly, and feminism in  general. It may be more accurate to call it a lack of brainwashing. Either way its important that a girl doesn’t have an opinion solidly set that a man is going to have a very hard time changing. (A girl brainwashed from feminism will lean towards ‘making a home, raising our children and being surrounded by a loving family won’t be fulfilling. It’s practically slavery! I should get a soul crushing job for a decade or so first.’-Jack Dublin)

The fourth GGT is modesty, this word gets thrown around a lot at places like church and schools, but its true meaning is hedged out. It’s not just how she dresses or speaks, or if she acts decently, its more that modesty needs to be part of her being, something that decides what she does. She needs to think modestly, not put herself above others, not be competitive or condescending.(Although we do want a good girl to compete for us just a bit.-Jack Dublin)

Last of all, a good girl needs to be kind. Have you ever been around a girl that’s genuinely kind? It’s a marvel to behold, something to be treasured. A kind girl won’t get pissed over little things, she won’t try to scheme or back stab, she’ll do her best to make sure people are in good spirits and comfortable. This is perhaps my most sought after trait, I have yet to find a girl who cares how others feel without putting herself and her wants first.
I missed many GGT’s, but I wanted to hear from any readers we may have and see what everyone seeks in a good girl.
(I’d throw in a vote for true femininity. Feminists are a blight on the earth. A truly feminine woman is like balm for a man. Along with that, decent cooking skills. I’ll expand on it a bit in my own post. -Jack Dublin)

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